I have had a network client who for sometime has reported losing his connection to the network and being forced to reboot to reestablish the connection. Because of the intermittent nature of this problem I have as yet to solve it. This will be a record of future steps taken to fix this problem. I opened our network monitoring device 3COM Network Supervisor. I noticed that the machine in question was being monitored. I turned it off and will wait to hear from the client if this still occurs. If so I will investigate the Auto detection of his network adapter.  I will use the following article in working with this.

They lost connection again and so I have opened up a specific app for this on the clients machine called Broadcomm Advanced Control Suite.
I did not have an option to go to 1000 mbps. I did set it at 100 Mbps at full duplex. I will wait and see if this takes care of the problem. All the diagnostic test run via the Contol Suite passed.