To back up a domain (Web site):

  1. Go to Domains > domain name > Backup Manager (in the Files group).
  2. Click Back Up.
  3. Specify the following:
    • Backup file name prefix and description. You cannot specify an arbitrary file name, however, you can set the control panel to add a prefix to backup file names. Note that the control panel automatically adds the date and time of backup file creation (in Universal Time) to backup file names.
    • Splitting of the backup file. To create a multivolume backup, select the respective check box and specify volume size in megabytes.
    • Location where to store the backup file. Select the repository where you would like to store the backup file.
    • What data to back up. You can back up Web hosting settings, Web content, and e-mail accounts with e-mail messages.
    • E-mail notification on backup completion. If you want to send an e-mail notice on the backup completion, type the required e-mail address.
    • Suspend the Web site until backing up is finished. If you do not want anybody to make any changes to the site content or settings during backing up, select the corresponding check box.
  4. Click Back Up. The backup process will start and the progress will be shown under the Current Back Up Tasks tab. You can use the Refresh button to update the information on the screen.
  5. When backing up is finished, the backup file will be saved to the repository you selected, and will be accessible either from the FTP server, or from the location Domains > domain name > Backup Manager.