Change domain registrar from Network Solutions to GoDaddy

I’m doing this more frequently as Network Solution wants $34.99 to renew domains. I have six domains so to renew would be 209.94. With GoDaddy the cost for renewing 6 domains is 46.02.

First if you have DNS settings for the domains with Network Solution get the information so that this can be transferred over to GoDaddy DNS later.

I called GoDaddy to begin this transfer. Quick and painless. I got an email with instructions.


Next login to Network Solutions. Manage Domains > Select Domain to move >





Scroll down the page and locate Details for > Domain Protect and choose Turn Off and Request Authorization Code.


This will generate an email account to the whois contact for the domain.

Login to GoDaddy > My Account > My Products > Domain Manager

From the Domain Manager Menu > Pending Transfers


Enter codes sent in email.


Network Solution will send an email after requesting an authorization code.


Enter this in GoDaddy



Restarting a Computer via Terminal Session

I can never remember the key combo to do a shut down or restart of a remote computer in Terminal Session. So I’m posting this on my online memory board here.

Ctrl + Alt + End.

Please note unless you have quick access to the computer in question be sure to select Restart instead of Shut Down.

Trouble removing trailing space in Excel 2010

I could not remove the trailing space in an Excel 2010 column with the Trim() function. Doing a little research led me to believe this might possibly be caused by the space being something other than the ASCII code for space. (Decimal 32).

The function I used to find this.

It returned a code of 160. This is ASCII for the HTML non-breaking space ( )

To fix this I found some information posted on a help board. By opening the Find & Replace dialog in Excel you hold down the Alt key while typing 0160 in the Find what: input.

For whatever reason, either bad typing or belligerent application it took me a couple of time both times I needed to do this.

BTW – the reason this occurred was I copied a report generated from a web application and got returned as HTML. While I didn’t copy the source Excel made the determination that it should include the HTML code.

Shortcut Keys for Terminal Server

If you’re like me then you spend copious amounts of hours in Terminal Sessions via Microsoft’s Remote Desktop. Frequently I’m in a remote session via a remote session so it can get quite complicated getting around.

Here’s info from Microsoft Support on using shortcut keys.


ALT+PAGE UP switches between programs from left to right. Similar to Windows ALT+TAB.

ALT+PAGE DOWN switches between programs from right to left. Similar to Windows SHIFT+ALT+TAB.

ALT+INSERT cycles through the programs in most recently used order. Similar to Windows ALT+ESC.

ALT+HOME displays the Start menu. Similar to Windows CTRL+ESC.

CTRL+ALT+BREAK switches the Client between a window and a full screen.

ALT+DELETE Displays the Windows menu.

CTRL+ALT+MINUS (Minus as in the – symbol on the numeric keypad) Places a snapshot of the active window, within the client, on the Terminal server clipboard (provides the same functionality as pressing ALT+PrintScrn on a local computer.)

CTRL+ALT+PLUS (Plus as in the + symbol on the numeric keypad) Places a snapshot of the entire client window area on the Terminal server clipboard (provides the same functionality as pressing PrintScrn on a local computer.)

Link to article:;en-us;186624


Lions and Tigers and Google Apps! Oh My!

I have just gotten off the phone with my contact at Google and told him to run the card. We’re in with Google Apps. Because we have over 50 email accounts we can take advantage of the Google Apps Fast Track service. This entitles us to us of an implementation specialist to assist in making sure I do the right things going forward with rolling this out internally.

I will blog about my experiences because that’s what people do in the modern age.

I had submitted my card less than a month ago to utilize the trial period they provide. I have setup my email account as a “pilot” account. What that means is that I have created a subdomain called gtest outside of our primary business email domain.

I have setup a new OU in AD and created a new contact in this object with my email address In Active Directory, I opened up my primary login account and in Exchange General and set forwarding to this new email account.

Now I have email coming to my Outlook from both the Google Apps and the Exchange Server.

There is a Google Sync that allows you to push email from one’s account to the new Google App. It took quite awhile for this to run since I have about a Gig and a half of mail.

I’ll continue to blog about the process now that we enter the Fast Track phase. I’ll let you know about how the internal users feel about this change.

Restricting Access by URL to Internet Explorer

I needed to restrict a computer in a public area to specific URL related to HR sites. I found this article on taking care of this in Internet Explorer.

To summarize: create a IE ratings file with the following content to restrict everything.

(PICS-version 1.0)
(name "Thumbs Down")
(description "A fake rating service that doesn't rate anything.")
(rating-system "http://notreally.madeup")
(rating-service "http://notreally.madeup")
(transmit-as "Please Use The Approved Sites Tab Instead!")

Save as c:\windows\system32\thumbsdown.rat
Open up IE > Tools > Internet Options > Content > Content Advisor
Turn it on and click ok
Goto General tab
Make sure Users can see sites that have no rating is not checked. Leave supervisor can type a password to allow users to to view restricted content checked.
click on Ratings system and remove any previous installed ones.
Click and add the one that was just created and saved.
Click on Approved sites tab and type sites that you want to allow access to.
Then click always.

PHP -safe_mode prevents uploading of themes

I was attempting to upload a theme for a new WordPress install and I kept getting an error that read.
The uploaded file could not be moved to /var/www/vhosts/

What had happened was when I created this site I did not uncheck the default setting of Plesk 9 for PHP safe_mode
PHP safe_mode settings in Plesk 9

Troubleshooting intermittent network dropping by client

I have had a network client who for sometime has reported losing his connection to the network and being forced to reboot to reestablish the connection. Because of the intermittent nature of this problem I have as yet to solve it. This will be a record of future steps taken to fix this problem. I opened our network monitoring device 3COM Network Supervisor. I noticed that the machine in question was being monitored. I turned it off and will wait to hear from the client if this still occurs. If so I will investigate the Auto detection of his network adapter.  I will use the following article in working with this.

They lost connection again and so I have opened up a specific app for this on the clients machine called Broadcomm Advanced Control Suite.
I did not have an option to go to 1000 mbps. I did set it at 100 Mbps at full duplex. I will wait and see if this takes care of the problem. All the diagnostic test run via the Contol Suite passed.

Domain unavailable to select when setting up a computer

I always do this. I need to setup a new computer. I need to add the computer users domain account into the local administrator group of the local computer. When I do this I can never see the Domain. What I’m doing wrong is trying to do this ahead of setting up the private IP and DNS. By default it is using DHCP from the Firewall. Our internal network is running IPs hardcoded to the NIC. The firewall is using DNS servers that are not on our network. When setting up the private IP, Gateway and internal DNS I can now access the Domain object.

Upgrading wordpress using one click install problems

I was trying to use this to upgrade to 2.9.1. The upgrade kept failing with the following message.

Could not create directory: /httpdocs/wp-content/upgrade

Some research indicated this was a permission problem. I created the folder manually but still had problems. I ran the following in SSH session.

[root@host yaddayaddacom]# chmod -R 777 httpdocs

Then I was able to run the one click update. Be sure to turn permission back to something less open.