I have just gotten off the phone with my contact at Google and told him to run the card. We’re in with Google Apps. Because we have over 50 email accounts we can take advantage of the Google Apps Fast Track service. This entitles us to us of an implementation specialist to assist in making sure I do the right things going forward with rolling this out internally.

I will blog about my experiences because that’s what people do in the modern age.

I had submitted my card less than a month ago to utilize the trial period they provide. I have setup my email account as a “pilot” account. What that means is that I have created a subdomain called gtest outside of our primary business email domain.

I have setup a new OU in AD and created a new contact in this object with my email address tony@gtest.domain.com. In Active Directory, I opened up my primary login account and in Exchange General and set forwarding to this new email account.

Now I have email coming to my Outlook from both the Google Apps and the Exchange Server.

There is a Google Sync that allows you to push email from one’s account to the new Google App. It took quite awhile for this to run since I have about a Gig and a half of mail.

I’ll continue to blog about the process now that we enter the Fast Track phase. I’ll let you know about how the internal users feel about this change.