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Handy way to use su in Mac Terminal

    I don’t recall where I  came across this information but passing it along should others need it or for myself to refer back to. I had tried in the past to us the Linux su command to login

Remove files by date using Linux Command Line

This command allowed me to remove all files in a directory that where older than 30 days. rm -f  `find *.gz -type f -mtime +30` You can see what you’ll be deleting first by running this command. echo `find *gz

SSL CSR Generation on Linux Apache

Using the GoDaddy instructions on generating CSR. One thing unclear in their instructions was where these would be after running. I appended a path to where my current Keys and CSR resided. [/etc/apache2/…] Answered the questions when prompted. Moved the

SSL for Linux Apache2

Never having done a an SSL update for a Linux based Apache web server I approached this with some trepidation. It’s quite different from an IIS 6 update of which I’ve done many. Complicating matters, Linux setups can vary from


I’m starting this blog to document my IT experiences of deploying WordPress & Joomla on LAMP after spending years working in the Microsoft world. I’m currently having an issue with getting Joomla components installed. This I believe is caused by