Month: February 2012

Compare two SQL Tables

I was updating one table with data from another. However, when I did this there was a discrepancy between the number of rows I had in the update table and the number of rows updated. Here the SQL that allowed me

Change domain registrar from Network Solutions to GoDaddy

I’m doing this more frequently as Network Solution wants $34.99 to renew domains. I have six domains so to renew would be 209.94. With GoDaddy the cost for renewing 6 domains is 46.02. First if you have DNS settings for

Restarting a Computer via Terminal Session

I can never remember the key combo to do a shut down or restart of a remote computer in Terminal Session. So I’m posting this on my online memory board here. Ctrl + Alt + End. Please note unless you

Trouble removing trailing space in Excel 2010

I could not remove the trailing space in an Excel 2010 column with the Trim() function. Doing a little research led me to believe this might possibly be caused by the space being something other than the ASCII code for