Month: August 2009

Backing Up WordPress Database

In a Plesk 9 environment – go to Domains >> the domain you’re looking to backukp the database for >> Databases >> Webadmin This will launch phpMyAdmin web based MySql interface. Choose the database for the WordPress installation that is

Badmail on IIS SMTP

I’ve had to deal with this issue a number of times so in case I need to again here the handy dandy solution. The problem is that mail destined for bad recipients goes to the Badmail folder in mailroot. When

WordPress Upload Limit GoDaddy Shared Linux Hosting

I ran across a number of sites describing how to do this but none were working for me. They did all have parts of the puzzle. You need to add the following values or whatever amount your looking to increase

Using vi Linux Visual Editor

Here’s a link to info on using the vi editor.

Wildcard DNS Using Plesk 9 and LAMP

I was trying to setup a WordPressMU site and I needed to enable Wildcard DNS. I found some excellent resources on this at this page run by 1&1 hosting. Some of the commands in SSH regarding the websrvmng confused

Changing Linux Numeric Permissions Recursively

Another command frequently being used. chmod -R 666 httpdocs command + recursive switch + permission number + directory that you want the permissions for all files and sub-directories to be effected by the command.