Month: July 2009

Losing Network Card In Virtual Server 2005 R2

This always happens and everytime it does I spend time looking for the fix. When MS Virtual Server get shut down due to powere outage etc. The virtual server loses it’s network card. When I try to add it back

Preparing Catalog Data For Use With Xdata

Go to MBDealer site > Product Database For fields choose – MBNumber, Title, Best Seller, UPC, ISNB13, MediaType, Price, ByLine, DifOverall, PubDate, Description. Get Data Right click and save generated Txt file to hard drive. Open in Excel – Text

Change Welcome to the Frontpage – in Joomla 1.5

This ones hard to find. So here’s a handy reference. Go to Menu Manager > Main Menu > Menu Items Edit Home Open up the Parameters (System) And make changes.

Install WordPress using LAMP + Plesk 9

Create Domain in Plesk 9. In Domain created add database. Create database user for database Open wp-config.php and add the database info into the fields /** The name of the database for WordPress */ define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘databasename’); /** MySQL database username

Installing a Joomla Multi-Site Slave Site Using Plesk 9

In Plesk: Home>>Domains>>(select domain of master site)>> Domain Aliases – put in the name of the new joomla site Log into the Joomla Master Site Admin >> Components >> Multi Sites >> Manage Sites >> New Fill out Site DetailsĀ 

Handy Linux Commands for SSH part 1

To enable SOAP for PHP5 Login via SSH and run: yum -y install php-soap Then restart Apache: /etc/init.d/httpd restart

Install In Joomla

To document my steps… Create domain in Plesk (be sure to uncheckĀ  php safe_mode on) Create database for domain Use FTP to move Joomla directories into httpdocs folder of domain created Change permissions during the install process (@ directory above


I’m starting this blog to document my IT experiences of deploying WordPress & Joomla on LAMP after spending years working in the Microsoft world. I’m currently having an issue with getting Joomla components installed. This I believe is caused by